Vivian 7 Months 2 Days

Vivian 7 Months 2 Days

How is it that I have a 7 month (+2 days) old??? I mean really – where has the time gone??? Can someone tell me, because I clearly have no idea? So much has happened this past month, so get comfy this might be a long one.

Since the weather has been so nice lately Vivian and I have been trying to get outside every day. Most of the time we go for a nice 2 mile walk through Menominee Park. Sometimes we stop and watch birds, or sometimes she falls asleep right away and I’m talking to myself. I would say she enjoys the walks, when I check on her she is always looking around trying to see everything. Such a big world for her to see, and she has only just begun discovering what is in it!!!

We also attended the Baptism class that is through our church. It was a quick and informative 45 minute meeting. Vivian’s Baptism will be Sunday, May 3rd and her Godfather is my brother Jason and her Godmother is our cousin Jessica! We are super excited to have these awesome role models for Vivian.


**There is nothing like celebrating a first holiday with your baby. Maybe it’s because Vivi is our first child these are the first times we are able to celebrate as a family of 3 instead of just the two of us? {Hopefully we will still be as excited for 1st holidays whenever/if ever a second baby comes along.} Anyways…Vivian’s 1st Easter weekend was a huge success.


Ben and I decided that it was time to start making our own holiday traditions. So we decided to stay in Oshkosh this year, and celebrate Easter at our new home. Since most of my family lives in the U.P. not everyone was able to make it to our house for the holiday, and my parents, brother, and aunt wanted to see Vivian so they came and spent the day with us on Saturday. I cooked lasagna (from scratch) and we had a little get together and caught up. It was a good day with a lot of dishes, but who cares about the dishes when you get to spend time with family, right?

Easter Sunday we went to church (so packed, there was barely any room) in the morning. Afterwards we went home and gave Vivian her Easter basket. Inside her basket she found some bath toys, a book, a Peppa Pig dvd, and some really cute summer/spring clothes!!!! Too frickin’ cute! AHH! So cute in fact that we had to have a mini-photo-shoot with her and her cute basket from Pottery Barn Kids.


After the photo-shoot we started cooking. On the menu was: *Dr. Pepper Ham, Crescent Rolls, Pierogis, and Green Beens with bacon and mushrooms. *Nothing too crazy, it was all really simple to make. For desert Kathleen brought a strawberry jello cake/bars.


Not long after we started cooking Kathleen and Brandon arrived! It was awesome to see them both! They took care of V, and gave her her gift while Ben and I finished up the meal. She got a nice little swimming pool for the summer along with some toys!!! She is going to love the pool!!!
After we noshed on the yummy food and desert Vivian and I took a nap while everyone else watched “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix. Well, it turns out they loved it so much everyone stayed to finish out the series. Everyone finally left around 8:30ish I think…

All in all a fantastic weekend!

**Huston, we have sleep! Vivian has been sleeping through the night for the past month! Granted there were a few nights where she woke up once because of gas or a missing pacifier. But hey it’s really nice to get more than 5 hours of sleep at night! #winning.

So Vivian has been eating like a champ. We attempted BLW but V had no interest in it so we are doing purees. She is LOVING Bananas. She is HATING on the Peas. And everything in between is okay.
She also loves the Plum teething biscuits and Celery Stalks and Carrot Sticks.
My nursing journey has ended. I felt like I just was producing what Vivian needed and it was stressing me out (which is what probably caused my low supply). So we bit the bullet and started formula. I only have 1 4oz. bag left of pumped milk that she will get before bed tonight and that’s it. I’ll be honest, I felt totally guilty (and still do) for quitting nursing, even though I exceeding my goal of 6 months (I made it 6.5). But I have to keep telling myself that I gave her the best start I could and she is doing great! I must say she has taken to the formula though, and has given me no complaints. As long as she is happy.



She is sitting up ALL BY HERSELF! Oh my goodness it is the cutest thing. She also has discovered that she can control her hands and bang things together. She is still grabbing things and bringing them to her mouth. So if she can reach it, it will end up in her mouth… guaranteed.



We started swimming lessons!!!! She loved her first class. Our instructor is a very hippie-ish and nice and all about the energy of the water… Vivian really seemed to like her and that is all that maters.
The basis of the class is getting the babies comfortable with the water. So far so good. V is doing awesome!

And I think that covers it for the past month.