The Test

The Test

On Thursday January 23rd, 2014 I woke up and decided that this would be the morning I take the “test.” I was a week or two late, but thats no big deal, I’ve never been regular so I wasn’t concerned. This time felt different. So at about 6am I took the test, set a timer on my phone and went to feed the farm (Ruby, Java, and Snickers).

While I was getting the animal food I noticed that Ruby (the shoe eating puppy) had struck again. This time it was Ben’s shoe, so I was pretty excited that it wasn’t another pair of my work shoes.

The timer went off.

I went into the bathroom, and there right in front of me… those 2 pink lines. Positive. Holy Shit (sorry). When Ben and I decided to start our family we figured it would be a couple months of fun trying… Nope. I got pregnant right away. I am a Fertile Myrtle I guess.

Then I heard Ben’s alarm go off. How do I tell him? Do I wait? I went and grabbed the shoe that Ruby destroyed went into the bedroom and told him that I have bad news and good news, what would he like to hear first. Of course he was confused so I held up his shoe and told him Ruby had struck again… He was upset (he really liked that pair of shoes). Then he asked about the good news. I held up the positive test and told him that we were pregnant. Obviously he was excited, and tired because he had just woken up… I guess i’m not good at keeping quiet… :)