The Move Has Slowly Begun!!!!

If you can’t tell … Ben and I are super excited to actually be in the new house!

Friday night around 7pm our “tenants” called us and told us that “they got the hell outta’ there and we can go home now”. Once Ben hung up we started throwing a bunch of cleaning supplies together and we headed over to the house. Let me tell you, it looked like a completely different house! It looked like our house ready to be made into a home. Plus it was completely empty, THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM!!!! There was very little cleaning for us to do, so we went back to the rental and packed for an overnight stay!!!!

The weekend was dedicated to getting just the essentials here, because I want to stay in the nice house with Central Air… Can you blame me? It was also really important to get the animals here to get them all settled into the new home.

  • Ruby is loving the new house (she has so much room for activities) the only thing she dislikes is the stairs. She is not a fan of the dark enclosed space.
  • Java is already Kitty King of the house. He is LOVING IT!
  • Snickers is still in hiding and only comes out to eat.

Other than that my parents and brother are coming down for the weekend to help us move some more stuff to the house. And then on Monday Two Men and a Truck will be moving all the heavy stuff. That should hopefully be it and Ben and I will be officially moved into the house!!! YAY!