Spring 2012

**Wow! **It’s been a really, really, long time. I’m sorry. School started up again and for one of my classes I’m required to blog so I have been neglecting this one. For that I apologize! So whats new? Bunches! where do I begin?

After Christmas was our last post so I have a bunch to fill you in on. To start Ben and I decided to stay in the apartment we are currently in. This way we are not on a lease (we haven’t been for about a year) so we can move whenever. Also we are now saving money so we can afford to move to a bigger apartment. And one day buy a house. And maybe start to get some new furniture up in here.

Ben and I got ourselves some bikes! We are super excited and have been going on so many bike rides. So fun. We have decided its time to eat healthier and cut down on the fast food intake. We are pretty excited about that.

That is all I have for now!