New House | One and a Half Months Later

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about our awesome new house. I have been a little preoccupied, but with what I don’t remember ;)

The last entry about the house was back in the beginning of July when we had just finished moving everything from the other house. Here is what has been happening since then!

We are about 80% unpacked. Everything that we *NEED *is out now it’s just getting to the rest of the stuff…

We painted the baby’s room! It is amazing how much a coat of paint will lighten up a room! Her room is slowly coming along, a few more things and her room just might be done before she gets here in a little over a month :)!

We also, began replacing the outlets in the house. They were a nasty brown color, they are now going to be white! I LOVE WHITE, it’s so clean (and so easy to get dirty). A lot of the outlets in our house aren’t GFI outlets (what that means I don’t know, I think it has to do with the ground wire???… ask Ben or the Google) so Ben has been adding GFCI outlets as we go along.

Since our bathrooms had no exhaust fans when we moved in it has been our mission to get them done by the time the Bambino comes. About 3 weekends ago now we had our Handy Man friend Tom come and help Ben put one in the upstairs bathroom. I looks great and works like a charm (great job guys)!

The Sunday after they guys put the fan in the bathroom upstairs we had a nice furry nocturnal visitor in our house… Yep we had a bat in the house. Our first solution was to leave the front door open and just let Batty out of the house and he can just fly off and eat his bugs. He flew out, but I guess he decided that he liked being in the house better, because he came right back in and made our curtain rod his home. So Ben suited up and grabbed some Tupperware (I grabbed the tennis racket) captured him, brought him outside and set him free!

The next weekend Tom came back over to get the second exhaust fan in. Once the guys opened the second attic the project immediately went on hold. It looks like we have BATS everyone.

So we called Nuisance Pro they came out and did an inspection, and from the looks of things the colony is pretty small (so I would think it is newer) so it shouldn’t take long for them to leave. This is how they remove bats: Bats, however are removed a little differently. When they are using your attic or soffits, an exclusion process is used. We locate all entrance and exit holes (minor and major) on the exterior of the house or commercial property. Minor holes are potentially available for bats to use, but are not being used at this time. Major holes are holes the bats are using. We seal all minor holes right away and in the major holes we install one way valves that allow the bats to leave to do their nightly feedings, but do not allow them to re-enter. Approximately two weeks after the valves are installed, we return to remove the valves and seal the holes. The process is then complete. Keep in mind the bat removal process can only be done in months of the year with 40 degree nights or warmer due to hibernation, migration, and food availability, which is bugs. We do not remove bats from June 1st through August 15th. The reason for this is bats have their young in early to mid-June and it takes the babies six weeks to fly. The process we use would remove adults and leave babies behind. Which is no good. (Nuisance Pro)

So we will hopefully be Bat free when the baby comes. But since bats are super important and eat all the nasty bugs we are looking into putting up a bat house once the exclusion begins so we can keep them around :)