My Pregnancy Highs and Lows

I have seen this done a couple of times of some of the blogs that I have read. And I decided that I wanted to do one too. I’m sure I forgot somethings, but it’s hard to come up with these things on the spot. I feel like it all evens out. We will start with the dislikes and end with the likes :)** **

Pregnancy Lows

The constant urge to pee – Especially when I am at work, or I’m sleeping.
Worrying – *Constantly that something bad is going to happen.
*Always being tired – *The first trimester you are exhausted. The second is amazing and you have almost too much energy. Then the third and you are exhausted once again, and some days it rivals the first trimester tiredness.
*Bump judgers – They are always there waiting to pounce and judge you.
Everyone is an ‘expert’ – I swear that some people only ask me how I am feeling just so they can put their two cents in.
Boobs – They are large and in charge, and hurt a lot.
Money – Especially when it comes to maternity clothes.
Food Restrictions – No really yummy sushi for me.
Summer pregnancy – You think you are warm… just wait.
Pain – Especially in the lower back and in the hips.
Mood Swings – One minute I am on cloud 9, and the next I am bawling my eyes out because I dropped something and I can’t bend over to pick it up.
Picking a name – Most people love this one. This is one of the hardest decisions of my life. I mean she is going to have this name for the rest of her life, I need to make it as awesome as she is. SO MUCH PRESSURE!

Pregnancy Highs

Naps – People won’t judge you for taking a nap after work.
Registering – I mean have you been in Babies ‘r’ Us lately? Everything is so freaking cute. I want it all.
Back and foot rubs – They are amazing and feel so great!
Getting that extra scoop of ice cream – No Shame there. “You are eating for two.”
The great days – The days where you are “glowing” and you have so much energy you feel like you can accomplish anything.
Feeling Little Lady move around in there – *This is one of the most amazing things I have ever felt (except when I accidentally over caffeinate and she goes insane…).
*The amazing Doctors and Nurses at Aurora – *Any time I have a question I am not afraid to call and ask about what is going on. They are fantastic.
*The amount of love and support I get from everyone – *I have never felt so much love before. Everyone is so excited to meet Little Lady (but not as much and Ben and I) and everyone that has stepped up and made this pregnancy mostly easy for me has been awesome.
*Ultrasounds – *There is NOTHING better than getting to see your baby before your due date. It just makes it that much more real!
*Maternity Clothes – *Even though they are so expensive they are so comfortable. Can I still wear them after Little Lady comes???
*Seeing how much Ben has changed the past 7.5 months – *I know he is going to be an amazing dad to our little girl. Plus man-nesting is kind of funny :)
*I’M HAVING A LITTLE GIRL – What better realization to have? I am going to have a little girl at the end of all of this and she is all ours!