Final Walk Through & Packing

Yesterday Ben and I did our final walk through at the house. I honestly don’t think I will be able to wait until July to move in. Now that the current owners are packing up their stuff (and it is a lot of stuff) and the house is opening up, we are finally able to see all of the space that we are going to have. All 2,300 square feet of it. Like our agent said… the house will probably have an echo for awhile after we move in until we fill it up!

Tomorrow is our closing day (hopefully)! We got an email from our lender saying that our insurance agent put the house we are renting down as the house we are buying. Nothing against this house, but why would I go from the new house to this house? So hopefully all of the paperwork comes through and we can close tomorrow at 4!

I’m really excited to finally have a house that I can do whatever I want with it. Paint, remodeling, and all that jazz!

I will keep you posted! :)