Baby Shower Part II

Kristababyshower81714 001

Two weekends ago was my second Family & Friends baby shower, thrown by my mother-in-law, Kathy, my mom, Suzie, and my Aunt Mary (& Cousin Sara – She picked a super fun game). It was wonderful seeing a good chunk of our families together along with friends! We started off with some delicious food, played a few games, ate cake and opened presents! Here are a few photos from the shower!

Kristababyshower81714 002
Delicious Cake and Fudge

Kristababyshower81714 005 (1)
Present Table

Kristababyshower81714 008
Yum Food!!!

Kristababyshower81714 013
Zoe, Sara, and Kristin <3!

Kristababyshower81714 014
Emily, Auntie Lori, Auntie Cindy (Twin’s Mom) & Grandma P (Hiding behind the flowers)!

Kristababyshower81714 017 My Grandma and Rosie!

Kristababyshower81714 019
Auntie Caroline, Cousin Amanda, Auntie Kristine, & Auntie Jill!

Kristababyshower81714 020
Chris, Kathleen, & Stacey!

Kristababyshower81714 031
Ben & I with cake!!!

Kristababyshower81714 035 Cutting the cake!

Kristababyshower81714 038
Opening gifts!

Kristababyshower81714 045

Kristababyshower81714 046

Kristababyshower81714 051

Kristababyshower81714 057

Kristababyshower81714 061

Kristababyshower81714 080

Kristababyshower81714 087
So, Little Lady is pretty much all set!!!
Thanks again everyone for coming and the amazing women who threw us this amazing shower!!! We are super blessed!