2011 Holiday Fun!!!

We are back!!!!!!
Well, I am (Krista) because Ben usually makes the website and lets me do the rest! :)
Since the success of our wedding count down website we decided that we should chronicle all of the important events in our newly-wed life.

Ben and I have been married a little over 6 months! Yay us!!! Christmas Day marked our 6th month anniversary. Christmas was pretty awesome. I love spending time time with our Awesome and Amazing Family. As always it feels so rushed and we feel like we don’t have enough time to spend with everyone as we would like. Maybe once I have my grown up job things will be easier and more family time will be had!!!!

For Christmas I got Ben a new Ham Radio which he loves and never leaves home without it (you know…just incase there is a sudden weather situation) And Ben got me 2…2 Coach clutches! and a carousel for the Keurig my parents got me AWESOME!!!!! My parents also got us a bunch of camping gear that is taking up residence with my parents because we don’t have enough space in our tiny apartment. Ben also got an amazing new coat, robe, and a bunch of other wonderful things from Mamma K, and I got some pretty great clothes and jewlery and makeup the List goes on and on and on…..

Ben and I have also been looking into getting/moving into a new apartment. Hopefully we can find an amazing apartment with more space and a dishwasher and washer and dryer (heat included of course) We shall see.

Happy Weekend All!!!