10 Months + 1 Week

10 Months + 1 Week

Sometimes I just sit and wonder… How did we get so lucky to be at this point in our lives? Ben and I have been together for 9.5 years, married for 4, and we have a beautiful little girl. What would have happened if we didn’t meet at Anchor, or have several classes together at UW Marinette? What if he went to Michigan Tech instead of UW Marinette? Thankfully we don’t have to worry about the ‘what ifs’.
Life is pretty great. Vivian is busier than ever between teething, scooting, standing, eating, waving, talking, getting into everything, and stalking Java.


**Vivian still loves taking things out of containers. Her favorite by far is the diaper bag. If I set her near it she will scoot on over, look in the bag, and start taking everything out, one item at a time. It’s cute as she is doing it, but once she is done putting the bag back together again is a nightmare.

She loves to play peek-a-boo. She will bring a blanket or her shirt over her face and I’ll ask “where did Vivi go?” and she will whip it down right away and give me a squeal.

Somehow, Vivian learned how to bring a phone up to her ear, too. So now it has become a game. If she has a phone, I’ll make a ringing sound and ask, “Vivi? Vivi are you there? Hello?” and she will bring the phone right up to her ear. OH.M.GEE adorable.


**Last week we had Vivi’s 9 month check-up. Since Ben got his new job we had to switch from Aurora to Affinity. It was a chore getting everything sent over and set up. I just hope I never have to do it again.
At her check-up we saw Dr.Katsma. She was super nice and had a lot of information for us. Here are her stats:

18lbs (50th Percentile)
27 Inches tall (25th Percentile)

Head: 18.1”

AND Every visit until Vivi turns 5 she will get a book!

Her next appointment is her one year. She will get her round of shots along with a blood draw. I am not looking forward to that.


Things are pretty much the same on the talking front. Everyone is DaDa. She says Mamama, uh-oh, giggy, and bah-bah-bah. Just because she isn’t saying many “words” doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand what Ben and I are saying to her. She is just beginning to understand several simple words. Soon we may notice some words or gestures we actually understand, as well as other forms of communication, such as pointing and grunting.
She is still just scooting around. (scooting: Sitting and pulling herself along) I can be in the kitchen making her a bottle and I will turn around and she is right behind me.

She has 2 TEETH!

She pets the animals. (It’s more like slapping, but they don’t complain)

She loves patty cake, and telling me she is “sooo big”


**Our doctor gave us the go ahead to try any new food we would like, except cows milk, and honey. We are still doing purees. We are slowly introducing new foods. She loves Puffs, Yogurt Bites, Baby Cheetos (that’s what I call them…), French Fries (with lots of potato filling), Strawberries and Chocolate Custard, Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, and Cheerios. We have tried: Pancakes, bacon, spaghetti, and some steak and potatoes. She mostly plays with the food, and maybe takes a taste, but doesn’t eat a lot of it.


Vivian has just begun the leap of Sequences. She will learn to recognize and manage the flow of events and relationships over time. Eating cereal with a spoon, for example, means grab the spoon, put the spoon into the bowl, scoop some cereal onto the spoon, bring the spoon to your head, and put it in your mouth not your eyes. She will link actions together to reach a goal. At this stage your baby likes to feel needed and will want to help. Some skills she might gain during this leap are:

  • Answer simple questions. Example: How big are you? And she will raise her arms
  • Says “hum” if she wants another bite
  • Points at things, people, or animals if you ask her to
  • Put together a simple puzzle of 3 pieces
  • Understand that she has to talk into the mouthpiece of a phone
  • Stacks rings onto the ring pyramid
  • Points where to go
  • Repeats a game
  • Tries to persuade me to help her with things she really could have done without my help
  • Imitates two or more gestures that I make, one after the other
  • Tries to put her sock on by herself but doesn’t succeed